Thursday, 12 April 2012

Second planting & seedling updates

My seedlings have been up for about a week now and I'm starting to see their first true leaves.

On Tuesday, I replanted my lettuce (since my germination was lousy - 3 our of 9 cells the first go round) and I filled in the kale seedlings that didn't come up (this time I double planted to make sure I got something).

I also planted cosmos, globe amaranth, and poppies. I probably won't obsess so much about these, as I already have my other "babies" to watch.
I'm starting to think that chard may be one of those plants that grow pretty much no matter what. All of my seeds have germinated well... now I have to go through the difficult process of killing off the extra ones - agonizing over which one looks bigger and healthier - and what to do if they're exactly the same!!!
I'm trying to get a balance of colours - so far it seems there are orangey red, yellow, fuchsia, and pale pink.

All of my tomatoes are present and accounted for. The Cosmonaut Volkov seedlings were worrying me for a bit, since they came up later than all of the rest, but now they seem to be doing well. I had fun stretching the limits with our camera's close-up feature to get some pics:

Outdoors, the garden is waiting to be composted - every once and a while I'll pull up a round of maple keys. Right now I'm waiting for warmer temperatures and for myself to get my act together and do a compost order.

So, things are growing. Not fast enough to satisfy my impatience, but quite enough to get me excited. It's lovely to be able to traipse downstairs and see my veggie garden starting to grow.

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  1. those are really cool shots Maddie! They are so big already!! great stuff =)